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Add On: KC All Purpose Rub

Just what are BBQ Add Ons?

The best way to may a great gift or meal even more remarkable!

We use the term 'Add Ons' simply to describe the individual barbecue items that we offer as part of our 40+ hickory-smoked meal packages. We call them Add Ons because they can be "added on" to any package order to create a custom meal.

These are the same premium choices that come in our regular packages, so there's never a worry about who gets what - and never a question about whether these are just as remarkable as the items that come in our complete meal gifts. Weekend get-togethers, meals for yourself or perfect gifts for your favorite BBQ lovers are all more remarkable with our signature Add Ons.

Add On: KC All Purpose Rub

ABRA1001 |


A mild onion and garlic overtaste, with a hint of bell pepper. An excellent general seasoning, particularly effective at bringing out the subtle flavors of salads, vegetables and seafoods.

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5 Stars Excellent RUb

L. Matta from TX wrote (September 26, 2012):

Do not pass this rub up. It is the best.. Can be applied to most meats, eggs, and such. L. Matta

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