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Heating Instructions

You’re just a few short steps from a dining experience brought to you from Kansas City by Jack Stack Barbecue, the nation’s premier provider of Kansas City BBQ. Our packages include the exact same remarkable quality and flavor that we serve in our nationally-acclaimed restaurants — consistently recognized as best in the country by the prestigious Zagat Survey — and we guarantee you’ll love every bite!

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Getting Started

All of the products you’ve received are fully cooked, vacuum-sealed and flash frozen to preserve peak flavor and moisture. Always thaw any product in a refrigerator before heating (details below). Discard any remaining dry ice with oven mitts or gloves. WARNING: Dry ice is very cold. Do not touch dry ice with bare hands and avoid skin contact.

Storage and Freezing

Products to be consumed in the next four (4) days should be placed in the refrigerator to thaw. Store other products for later use in freezer for up to six (6) months.


For the best experience, thaw products for 24 hours in the refrigerator. For larger dense items, thaw for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Microwave thawing and thawing in warm water or on a countertop are not recommended.


Always remove all products from sealed plastic before heating. Use heating instructions for each item below. Conventional or convection oven (350° recommended) is suggested for best results. For grilling, position products out of direct flames in radiant heat (medium temperature of 350°-450°). Microwave on 100% power.


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