Every day, we open the doors of our restaurants, drive our catering vans around Kansas City, and ship packages across the country. Why do you come to work every day to do all of this? It’s because of HOPE.

We exist to create HOPE. To help others feel trusted, loved, connected, believed-in and that their lives have been changed for the better.

We do this through HOSPITALITY. We are going to treat our team, our guests and our community like family; to humbly serve them with warmth, kindness and generosity and give them more than they expect, always.

So, what does hope mean to you as part of our Jack Stack family? We want to know what your hope story is, what your why is, why you walk in these doors every day. We also want you to get involved in living this hope and expressing it to the rest of the Jack Stack family. Find ways below to get involved in spreading hope throughout our community.


Part of rolling out our new purpose is to collect your Hope Story. We want to learn what you hope fore and how being a part of the Jack Stack family has effected your life. Whether your Hope Story is personal or professional sharing it can help inspire hope throughout our whole team. Throughout the year, we will share our team's Hope Stories to remind us just how important hope can be to one another.

If you are interested in helping us spread hope throughout Jack Stack share your Hope Story by clicking below and filling out the form.


We are putting together a team of people who want to help spread and live our new purpose throughout Jack Stack. Whether you have been with Jack Stack for a couple months or 30 years, team member or management, your voice is important to us. Being a part of the Jack Stack Hope Team means being included in 6-10 paid meetings over the course of a year. In those meetings, we’ll discuss how, as a company, we are living our new purpose, how we can deliver our team’s Hope Stories, how Jack Stack can live into our new purpose daily, and so much more.

These meetings will be led by our marketing team and there are limited spots available. If you think you would be perfect to help us in our journey click below and sign up with your contact information. If you have additional questions about the Hope Team please send an email to marketing@jackstackbbq.com.