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18th & Vine Legend

18th & Vine Legend

Package Includes

  • Pork Spare Ribs (two full slabs)
  • Sliced Beef Brisket (28 oz.)
  • Hickory Pit Beans (32 oz.)
  • Cheesy Corn Bake (30 oz.)
  • KC Original BBQ Sauce (18 oz.)
  • KC Spicy BBQ Sauce (18 oz.)
  • KC All Purpose Rub (7 oz.)

A meal inspired by Kansas City’s famous 18th & Vine jazz district. Succulent Pork Spare Ribs. Fork-tender sliced Beef Brisket. Hickory Pit Beans swimming with chunks of brisket. Silky-smooth Cheesy Corn Bake studded with smoked ham. It’s perfect barbecue harmony!

18th & Vine Legend

As smoky sweet as a Charlie Parker solo

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Overall Rating:5/5.0


5 stars
Bethany wrote on Aug 19, 2015:
I loved the product, everything arrived frozen.

Outstanding Barbeque Package
Larry Barnes wrote on Oct 30, 2010:
We moved to California in 1984 from Kansas City and I have enjoyed the barbeque from Jack Stack like we had when we lived there. It is enjoyed by our whole family and friends.

Great Bbq
wrote on Oct 23, 2010:

wrote on Oct 23, 2010:
Love your bbq!

18th & Vine Legend
wrote on Oct 22, 2010: