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KC French Fry Seasoning

KC French Fry Seasoning

Package Includes

  • 7 oz. French Fry Seasoning

A special blend of salt and garlic, with hints of celery and chili peppers. Don't just use this on French Fries, this seasoning pairs well with any potato and especially grilled vegetables.

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Overall Rating:5/5.0


French fry seasoning
Amber Hutchinson wrote on Jan 6, 2020:
Your seasoning is the best!!! We had this at a friend's house and had to order it right away. Love this on all my potatoe dishes that we create besides homemade french fries.

Jack Stack French Fry Seasoning
Phyllis T. wrote on Aug 17, 2015:
My son-in-law lives in St. Louis, Missouri and is happy to purchase Jack Stack rubs at the local grocery, but this is not yet available. I bought him this product when I ate at the restaurant and he LOVES it! He will use it on meat, vegetables and salads.

Great on Fries and so much more!
Crane, P. wrote on Aug 17, 2015:
This seasoning makes fries taste even better than regular salt. Also great all around seasoned salt. I highly recommend this for everyday use.