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Hickory BBQ Wings

Hickory BBQ Wings

1 lb. (Serves 2 - 4)

Package Includes

  • 1 lb. plus Fire-Kissed Chicken Wings

Meet the wings that made one customer say, "These wings are so out of control, you might want to count your fingers when your done." Yes, they are that good. Huge, perfectly seasoned, and smoked to golden perfection, you won't find better wings anywhere.

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Overall Rating:5/5.0


Best wings ever!
Cher wrote on May 1, 2017:
First, I never order wings, ever! They never appealed to me whatsoever. However , having been armed with a $200 gift card and free afternoon in Kansas City, I sat myself down in the Freight House Jack Stacks and proceeded to sample my way through the menu. I tasted almost everything- 5 kinds or ribs, all the sides, brisket, chicken, soup, pork & all burnt end concoctions and found the wings and the smoked chicken chowder to be incredible! And this coming from a person who normally hates wings! Since then, I order wings via website and only wish the soup was also available. For that, I have to make an annual pilgrimage to KC! Well worth the plane fare from Florida!

Tymecka Smith wrote on Nov 19, 2018:
They were amazing just like if I had them in the restaurant. I can't wait to get more.