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KC All Purpose Rub

KC All Purpose Rub

Package Includes

  • 7 oz. KC All-Purpose Rub

A mild onion and garlic overtaste, with a hint of bell pepper. An excellent general seasoning, particularly effective at bringing out the subtle flavors of salads, vegetables and seafoods.

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Overall Rating:5/5.0


Excellent RUb
L. Matta wrote on Sep 26, 2012:
Do not pass this rub up. It is the best.. Can be applied to most meats, eggs, and such. L. Matta

Elle wrote on Feb 7, 2016:
Perfect rub for any meat!

Nicole wrote on Sep 6, 2016:
I love this rub on literally everything it is best on vegetables and popcorn

Rub review
Robin McCoy wrote on Oct 30, 2018:
Some of the best seasoning i have ever used. Been using for 8 years.

The Best!
David Carlson wrote on Jun 30, 2019:
I used the seasoning on chicken thighs in a butter bathed recipe for my smoker. Then I used Jack Stack spicy barbecue sauce to finish it up. Best chicken I have ever eaten!

Simply the BEST rub for pork, chicken and salmon you will find anywhere.
Erik Younger wrote on Sep 11, 2019:
Been buying rubs for 20 years from all over, and this one is the best by far. Our personal favorite is to add this to salmon or pork chops, but it pairs well with burgers, steak, and chicken too. Absolutely the best. So good that we special order about a dozen every year and have it shipped to us, then give them away as gifts.