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BBQ Super Sampler

BBQ Super Sampler

Package Includes

  • Pork Spare Ribs (1 slab)
  • Pork Burnt Ends (1 lb.)
  • Chopped BBQ Beef Brisket (1 lb.)
  • Fire-Kissed Chicken Wings (1 lb. plus)
  • KC Original BBQ Sauce (18 oz.)

It’s a KC barbecue tour de force, done Jack Stack style. Great for game day; more than enough for everyone to enjoy. Hickory-roasted, extra-meaty Pork Spare Ribs. Crispy-outside, juicy-inside Pork Burnt Ends, loaded with smoky flavor. Our best Chicken Wings, sized for major-league appetites and seasoned just right. A full pound of our chopped BBQ Beef Brisket. And of course, our famous sauce to top off an incredible spread.

Serves 8-10

BBQ Super Sampler

Four all-time favorites. One big-time meal!

Review Summary
(Based on 11 Reviews)

Overall Rating:4.9/5.0


Brads Sampler Review
wrote on Oct 22, 2010:
Great flavor but the spare ribs were a little dry.

Family Favorite
Marlene Rood wrote on Oct 22, 2010:
Ribs have always been our families favorite. Two slabs would be great.

Jack Stack Review
Sandy Palmer wrote on Oct 22, 2010:
The food is awesome, the prices are simply to high so I can't order more often. I'm sure there are reasons for the high prices, i just wish it was all a bit less and i wish i could choose what i want versus packages which include things i don't need or want like sides or sauces. I'd like to see more a la carte or a ""make your own package"" type thing.

Kansas City Barbecue
Joann Burris wrote on Oct 22, 2010:
My son lives in San Francisco now and misses Kansas City's great barbecue. As a special treat I sent him a package of KC's BEST barbecue from Jack Stack. He was thrilled, loved it and couldn't wait to share it with his wife and friends.

Bbq Super Sampler
wrote on Oct 23, 2010:
Bought as a gift. Recipient hasn't tried everything yet, but what they've had so far has been good.

Kenneth Kassen wrote on Oct 23, 2010:
Simply, Jack's Stack is the best. When my Air Force buddies come through to Kansas City, it's always to Jack Stack to eat.

Tasty Treat
Larry Hicks wrote on Oct 23, 2010:
All servings were great.

Incredibly Satisfying!
Adenia Taylor wrote on Oct 25, 2010:
The tenderness of the ribs, the size of the chicken wings, the overall tasty, smoky taste of all your products takes barbecue expectation to a new and higher level. You've done it right, Jack Stack. Congratulations!

Best ribs ever
UltimateWines wrote on Jan 28, 2013:
I got the BBQ Sampler as a Christmas gift. While I haven't tried everything yet, the ribs were the best ever (and I didn't believe that could be done). Pork burnt ends were good, if a little dry. Eagerly planning to try the brisket and chicken wings (though chicken wings don't really move me, I wait to be amazed).

The Best I've ever tasted
EA wrote on May 27, 2015:
I was blown away with the deliciousness of these ribs and wings. So easy and fast, but soooo good!! Can't wait to have try rest.

Very good!
Nancy DeEsch wrote on Mar 4, 2019:
I've only tried the ribs and burnt ends so sar, but both items were very good. The barbecue sauce on the ribs was a little salty for me, but overall I liked them.