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Lamb Rib Classic

Lamb Rib Classic

Package Includes

  • Lamb Ribs (two half slabs)
  • Hickory Pit Beans (16 oz.)
  • Cheesy Corn Bake (15 oz.)
  • KC Original BBQ Sauce (18 oz.)
  • Mom's Carrot Cake or Triple Chocolate Brownie ($13 Upgrade)

People ask all the time, “What’s Jack Fiorella’s favorite Jack Stack meal? ” Here it is: Lamb Ribs, the menu item that wowed even the hard-to-please London Times. Lamb is delicious on its own, but when slow roasted just right over a hickory fire, it becomes even more tender, juicy and robust. Our Cheesy Corn Bake’s velvety texture is the ideal complement. And with our famous Hickory Pit Beans, this might become your favorite meal too.

Complete the meal by adding a homemade dessert for only $13. Choose between customer favorites: Mom's Carrot Cake or Triple Chocolate Brownie.

Serves 2-4

Lamb Rib Classic

Jack Fiorella 's personal favorite

Review Summary
(Based on 7 Reviews)

Overall Rating:5/5.0


Jimmie Randolph wrote on Jan 3, 2021:
Great gift. I'll use this idea over and over from now on! What a better way to show off why KC is the BBQ capital

Frank Maffei wrote on Oct 12, 2020:
Best BBQ in the country!! Never disappointed. Thank you for a delicious meal.

JULIE GOODMAN wrote on May 18, 2020:
We sent this as a Mother's Day gift and it was a hit! Arrived just when they said and was delicious!

Dr. A. Hodge wrote on Oct 21, 2013:
I really find myself thankful of your vision to allow me continue enjoying these wonderful ribs all the way in Cali Wow!

A Geat Weekend Treat
Carmen Weatherspoon wrote on Oct 27, 2010:
Outstanding selection......if I had my choice, I would double the beans and drop the corn...or maybe add slaw.

Wonderful Rib Slabs
Linda Welborn wrote on Oct 22, 2010:
I love these ribs...they are the best, best, best ...you know they are great when no sauce, just the best meat -- I could eat them everyday!

Big Ribs Galore
Ron Barbeau wrote on Oct 22, 2010: