The Fiorella Party Pack
The Fiorella Party Pack

Package Includes

  • Sliced Beef Brisket (28 oz.)
  • Poor Russ BBQ Mix (1 lb.)
  • BBQ Pulled Chicken (1 lb.)
  • Hickory Pit Beans (32 oz.)
  • Best-Ever Sandwich Buns (one dozen)
  • KC Original BBQ Sauce (18 oz.)

It can be difficult to pick your favorites when Jack Stack comes to the party. And we're making it even tougher by introducing two new guests: Poor Russ – a secret-recipe blend of chopped brisket, pork burnt ends and barbecue sausage – and sandwich-ready BBQ Pulled Chicken. Partnered up with our perfectly sliced beef brisket, meaty Hickory Pit Beans and a dozen buns, you'll need more hands to try them all.

The Fiorella Party Pack

You 're going to need more hands


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